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Mobile App Development

Enabling websites and web applications to take advantage of modern mobile devices is a prerequisite for any modern web development project.  Zest has proven capability in the development of feature rich mobile websites that can provide much of the functionality associated with a native Android or iPhone application.

Our designers create fantastic looking mobile apps and websites, designed for many different platforms and integrating the latest technologies within the mobile market.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the latest approach to providing feature rich content delivered from a website on a mobile device.

Responsive design detects the screen size of the device opening a webpage and adjusts the layout to provide the most user friendly interface possible.  At Zest we build responsive themes for all of our new web developments.

Mobile Applications

Apple started the wave to create native applications that can we be downloaded and installed on mobile devices.  With the increase in market share associated with Android based devices, there are now two main channels that need to be considered if you are trying to deliver functionality in the form of an application.

While Zest builds both IOS and Android based applications, we offer a compelling alternative that in a large number of cases can deliver much of the functionality sought at a fraction of the cost. We build mobile websites utilising HTML5 that emulate all of the usability (swipes, transitions and effects) that a native application delivers while providing the flexibility to update content as you would on a traditional website.

Zest has a wealth of experience in developing feature rich, mobile sites and applications that allow a company to take advantage of the opportunities this medium presents.

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