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Make your website more effective by tracking exactly the experience your users have on your website - this tool is invaluable for adjusting client websites based on the actual user experience.  It’s a lot more detailed and useful than the data from Google Analytics as its visual, instead of having to look through pages of data.

Key Features:


Instantly see where visitors click the most.  Aggregate thousands of visitors' clicks, across different browsers and resolutions, to a single page on your site. Figure out if people are clicking on your important call-to-actions, or perhaps they are clicking on things that aren't even clickable but are of interest to them.


Learn how people read your website. People tend to read with their mouse. The movement heat maps aggregate all these mouse gestures to show you how people truly read your pages.

Visualizing visitors’ mouse movements with heat maps can reveal the most important areas of your pages, allowing you to see exactly where your top content needs to go to have the greatest impact on your site’s visitors.

Scroll Depth

Ensure your most important elements are visible.  Scroll Depth heat maps analyze every scroll of every visitor to your site and show you, on average, how far down people scrolled. Find the “effective fold” and see how many people reach each section of your page.


We can automatically capture every visitor that visits your website and create a "recording" of what they did. You can watch every click, scroll, move and more to find out how visitors are truly using your website.

Form Analytics Report

In addition to heatmaps, there are also reports that enable you to better analyse what is happening on specific forms on your website.

  • Abandonment Report - This report will indicate the most common fields that were last typed in before the visitor abandoned the form.  For fields that have a high percentage, you might consider removing the field or changing the label.
  • Time to Start Report - This report will show you how long, on average, it took to start each field. You can then make decisions on what content might drive visitors to engage with the form faster and more frequently, which will lead to more conversions.
  • Field Time Report - Identify which fields of your form take the longest to fill out.  If you have a fields that take significantly longer to fill out than any other field, you may want to consider removing it, making it optional, or changing the label.
  • Order Report - Using the Order data, you will be able to see if visitors fill out the form in the order you have it laid out, or in a different order. You can then rearrange your form to match the order to increase the ease of submission and increase conversions.
  • Repeated Fields Report - The Repeat Fields report will show you which fields of your form have data re-entered by the same visitor.  Fields with a high repeat percentage may indicate form validation errors or frequent confusion.

We offer this as a monthly subscription based service – pricing depends on the complexity of your website.  If you would like to find out more about our Heatmap system, please contact us.

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